Social Media Junkie



You a
Social media fiend
Mentions into the
Blood stream

Needing to
or you’ll get the *hits pipe…long draw*

Twitter shivers

See you’ll do anything to feel relevant
You have to click refresh every:
Or you just (exhale)

Fall on the ground

And when you hear your phone go
You rush
No you run.
You ain’t even gotta do that because it never leaves your left hand
Like an i-v needle
there you are

See youve got to have the best app
Can update
Shit, I don’t even know the rest.
All at once so everyone know where you be
Like we even give a got damn
Because in your mind you a…


And when we see you in public
Think you really relevant
Because you live in this cloud
This invisible bubble in the sky
And to you,
That’s life.

But again:
You a social medi junkie.

And for you,
You drippin swagoo
And somehow the @ sign serves as a
Shoe print
For proof
That your followers
They really follow behind you

I think I just slipped
Better mop it up… (with an unfollow)

But I think they’re just bots

Did you just
count your
Following ratio?
You did.

I think (4x)
I thought
I went to an event
And I saw you standing there
Social media needle cocked

And while I was enjoying life
Weren’t even cognizant
You WERE really aware but not truly present
Your mind was in the clouds
THE cloud.
The stratosphere

And you better beware
Because it can get
At any moment
And you’ll come crashing to reality

See you a social media junkiEE
One day you’re not gonna be able to get that hit
Because your phone is gonna die
And your computer might crash
You can’t borrow mine


The Recipe


, ,


alllow me to expell some myths for you
expand your mind
for a second or two

stop allowing people to tell you that
THEY have to break you down
build you back up.
who are these people
why do you have to be broken down

I believe
you should never allow anyone to
break – you -down
with – what
and what are they putting in you
and why
how exactly do they intend to build you

do THEY know how to build a strong black woman
who’se to say they are even built at all
you aren’t built higher

who – are – They

I came here to dispel a few myths

there is no recipe
no instruction book
no manual
but I can give you a few tips

some ingredients

you need a few mentors:
not 1, not 2, not 3
but 4 at least
in all the areas you forsee
you want to be

you need to
humble yourself and find humility
and that
may take a few years but
you need to…
listen (x5)
to the voices of the past
and echo their footsteps

because the blueprints of your life have already been written
before you
so stop copy-cat-TING

if there was no need for you
then God wouldn’t have created you
Because you already have a unique purpose
so baby girl
just keep your blinders on
and run your own race

and there will be imitators
and there will be challengers
and there will be people spy-ting you
and there will be people coming against you
and there will be plotters
and deceivers
and liars
and people will hurt your feelings
and people will knock you down

and you will get knocked to the ground
but you just have to keep your blinders on
and run your own race
and seek your own goals
and your own milestones
and baby girl
take time to
pat yourself on the back.

because it’s your own life

and remember
only you can build you

with God’s help.

but there will be people around you.

who will help you
who will build you
who will give you the tools you need to

help you
and either you’re going to take them
you’re not

and if you don’t
you’ll stay unfinished longer

and that’s on you.

because the only one who can build you,
is you.
and it’s your life’s journey

you just gotta be ready

see you gotta protect your mind too
your mind is sacred
and that’s your safe place
that’s where everything begins
the place where all actions start
your mind

you have to see it before you can achieve it
you have to believe it before you can see it
you have to visualize it before you can believe it

…someone has to plant the seed
who’se it gonna be…

surround yourself (2x)
protect your circle
keep your circle tight

and I’ll be the first to say that you only have 2-3 friends
that don’t mean that everyone is out to get you
it just means
you have
2 to 3 FRIENDS

youre not finished yet.

the sooner you recognize
that, your constantly in the oven baking and
you’re building is never all the way complete and
you’re actually a

Temple and
self-esteem is different than self-worth and
different lessons such as these

you’ll find yourself entering into
states of self reflection
where you
begin to review the game tapes of your life

you can find peace within the storm to stop and think
you’re on the right path

Baby Girl,
I can’t tell you How To Build a Strong Black Woman

I can dispel some myths
and some rumors
I can pass on some tips I’ve learned along the way

I can stand before you in my transparency
so you can see my dings and cuts
unfinished raw edges.

Although I’m unfinished just like you
I can tell I’m sturdy as hell
and no one
no one
is going to knock me
all the way down

Dedicated To: The Sisters of Ujima at Univerisity of Central Missouri

How To Get Free eBooks


It has occurred to me that I have gotten lazy with my pie in the sky I deem – I no longer give you nuggets of information. All you have been receiving is poetry poetry POETRY! I apologize…

So here’s a quick rant followed by some helpful info:

Pirated music hit the scene on a large scale around the year 2000 (based on personal memories). Thanks to various unnamed websites, users no longer go searching for individual songs and end up with broken links. [they] now have the ability to download complete albums with the click of one button. God Bless Technology

In the age of “Racks on Racks” while “Going Hammer” I wonder if anyone out there is geeky enough to have the desire to load their tablet/smartphone with eBooks obtained free of charge.

A … Geeky Pirate.

Slap yourself silly if you are more interested in free music than a simpler way to read (No lugging books around & No pesky book light). I would cry tears of joy if I heard people excited about what new books they copped vs. a new album/bootleg DVD.

I don’t believe in bitching unless you have a solution, so… here are resources on receiving free eBooks!

Your Local Library – Check online, Many rent eBooks & Audiobooks

Barnes & Noble/Nook/Amazon/Google Books – Free eBooks are posted, it simply takes sifting to find good ones! Often the free ones are classic novels, however I often find great business & self-help books. In college I found some books for [philosophy] class using these resources. – You have to love free file sharing, ARGH!!! *adjusts pirate hat*

  1. Click: Books
  2. In search box Type: “The”
  3. Drop down box, Type of File: pdf
  4. Click: Search

You don’t have to go through step 3, however downloading pdf versions ensure the file will work across 99.9% of the platforms you will be loading it on to. Additionally, they have the chapter sections you like & if you feel like converting them to ePub or another format, you can!

Happy Reading!



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Where for art thou
Come sail the 7 seas with me
We’ll go and get lost
Feel the waves tumble
Oh, Odysseus
Your eyes.
So brown
So honest
You’re a crafty one Odysseus.
Quick to rush off
on your next conquest
No thoughts
Caution to the wind
Leave me
Kiss on the forehead,
[Bye Odysseus]


The Stage (Minstrel Show)


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Welcome boys and girl
Come one, Come all,
Step right up to The Minstrel Show

We have:
and Nigroes

All for your enjoyment!

Coon the night away,
I mean
YOUUUUL!!! the night away,
I mean
Supa Soak the night away

Aw Hell

Just have a good time
Boogie down til the patty rollers come by

We have everything your hearts desire:
Gin & Juice
Gin & Juice
and more Gin & Juice
We’ve imported the Fiiiiinest Lycra Tube Socks for the Nigras
& “Nigga Moment” spray for the fellas – GUARANTEED
to land any SANE Black-Man in prison

& Nigroes
Step right up to The Minstrel Show

Forget about your past;
Leave it all behind.
Enter into a world of “Coonery & Bafoonery”
No more:
middle passage
Jim crow
water hoses on your grandma
fighting for the right to vote
black power fists

Just Me, You, & a coon or two.
Bow! Bow! Bow!
Yes…//THIS is Black Entertainment.
or is it Just Another Minstrel Show?

Designed to entrance you
Delight you
Brainwash you
Embarass you
And You

Too ignorant
— NO —

Not cognizant enough of the happenings and such
So quick to dismiss them as utter ramblings
and meaningless
Yada Yada Ya’s
Amidsts a revolutionary’s jumbled train of conspiracy theory thoughts
& you, “Coon”
& dance “Jigs”

your anger does not turn hot until a Peckerwood adds the “E-R”
My Nigg-Ah

But I still have these tickets!
Get em before they’re gone
& Negroes
I invite you to enjoy The Minstrel Show you’ve created for me

The World

[All the World’s a stage]



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Summer time is upon us & people are eaither in heat or loosing their d#mn minds.

Mission: “Blow this popsicle stand”

In the midst of all this fool-a-rangery, Barnum & Bailey, and general Charmin’dimity … Can we PLEASE remember the human element?


There are people on the other side of that ign’nt wall you’ve built.

Funny how a song from a Nickelodeon Cartoon can spit so much knowledge:

“Break Your Heart” by Dino Spimoni (via Hey Arnold! 1996)

Darling, you left my heart In pieces on the floor
So tell me why shouldn’t I Break some things of yours?
I’ll smash your lamp,
the antique chair,
That stupid thing you always wear;
I’ll smash a vase, the radio, Those little teacups from Limoge;
Your wacky paintings on the walls;
– POW –
I’ll smash ’em all;
Lover, it’s just a game;
Cupid can take the blame;
I’ll take the place apart,
But don’t worry – I won’t smash your heart!
speaking: not me,
maybe some other clown,
but im not gonna smash your heart baby

Esquire Man


, , , , , , ,

“Esquire Man”
I think I need a kinda educated man
a man who kinda thinks on his feet
knows that I gotta a college degree Typa-man
I ain’t goin for … that … buuuuull-shit
now that I got my college degree I think in can ask for a higher standard


I’m putting my foot down.



I think I am.

and see im not in my feelings
and I don’t want to be called a bitch for these thoughts that I’m spitting right now
I think I deserve an Esquire
a man with ESQ after his name
a man who is stylish
but see
I think
I think
I think
I think I still want him to be an Urban Nerd
a man who still has a bit of sag in his pants
a bit of sag in his pants
a little swagger to his step
a man who is a little bit nerdy
cuz this is the type of woman that i are
the type of gal that I be

I want an Esquire Man
an ESQ type of gentleman

a GG

a man with that European, 50s,, Brotain type of style
skinny tie
a man who likes Italian Leather
a man who shops at Method KC
a man who knows what a boutique is
an Esquire type pf gentleman

a man who doesn’t look at me cock-eyed when I stop on front of a door
“Open My Shit.”

Be a gentleman please.

a man who doesn’t get caught up in all that chivalry shit
it’s not chivalry, its just being a man
a man whose not pretty
cuz when ur an Esquire it’s not called being pretty
it’s just called being: ESQ

that’s the type of man that I want
to compliment me
to ne on on my side.

because I’m going places, with my college degree
and even if I didn’t have a college degree I’d still be going places
because I’m just me
I’m just jazzy
Flyy shit
Flyy double y
and I need a grown man by my side

he must look good in pictures and on top of my wedding cake
or with me on the cover of in style magazine
an Esquuuire Man
to compliment my swagger
but fuck swagger
cuz me I’m Flyy
and he, he’s ESQ (dot)
that’s right

and you remember that name
cuz you’ll be seeing it later
I want you to tweet about it
The Only ESQ (dot)

say it: ESQ (dot) 3x

men I want you to aspire to it
women I want you to want, i want you desire it

ESQ (dot)

and me I’m Flyy double Y Flyy
and we, we #teambowtye

and without further a-due, I’m going to bring him up
The Only ESQ

Overcoming Sensibilities

overcoming sensibilities of myself
of realities
of what I thought was true
each day

& Teaching
& Lecturing
& determined to pass on my Testimony

in the midst of rolled eyes
and mutters
bitter bitches and sour niggas whispering

I’m just passionate
in love with life

and if you knew my story
and if you knew my journey
…what God’s brought me through
you’d know I’m just happy to be walking.

to be breathing

and my smile
isn’t fake
I’m not some USA Pageant queen chick
it’s not pasted on with valseline on my gums
i’ve just learned how to count my blessings

no longer taking 300 plus pills a week
not walking with a cane every day
go to sleep with all utilities on
gas in the tank
cell phone never cut off
texts from people who love me

truly love me

I’m blessed

so I smile

and each day I wake up with 1 decision & 2 goals:
Decision: Live or Die
I’m not speaking About simply existing as plants do
I mean living
the type of life that great philosophers such as Aristotle mulled over
what makes a human, human.
Granny Sunlight, Father Time & Morpheus all enter my bedroom at 8:30
(or so)
each morning and present me with the red pill or the black
Each time I choose to live I’m choosing to ride this mothafuckea til the wheels roll into the street and the exhaust pipe falls off

Goal Number 1
Think a Thought That’s Been Thunk Before
let me run that back

each day I’m pushing myself towards innovation
in my business
in life
it stops my from settling

Fuck your foot, I believe in lighting the fire under my OWN ASS!
While you’re thinking outside the box, I AM the box
you’re making room for me
eIther you occupy the space inside
or outside
so you will get in where you fit in
either way you follow me.

And Goal Number 2
Pass a smile

For the greatest testimony I can give is letting my light shine
by lighting your flame

So Smile