The Grind Files

grīn’dĭng |grind”ing| v.

To work hard / Putting in work / To wear down, polish, or sharpen

You may not see me making moves, but I’m making them. I’m always active. Always moving forward. Forever planning. Never sleeping.

It’s gritty. It’s ugly. It’s grinding

|2.27.10| Hired my 1st Consultant to sell my jewelry line on commission

|12.17.09| Began adding rings to the jewelry line

|12.15.09| Redsigned logo & launched redesigned website for Noteworthy by Jaz; Now includes Online Store

|12.13.09| Noteworthy Jewels by Jaz Preview Sale….A SUCCESS

|11.21.09| Made the list of “A-List: 30 under 30.” Invited as speaker for a youth summit.

|11.18.09| Nominated for the “A-List: 30 under 30” (category: collegiate leader)

|10.6.09| New song for UNBS, “Argyle Sweater” by Wonkachild. Hot!

|10.4.09| Performed three new pieces at an open mic night in KCK. Positive feedback!

|10.3.09| Completed first interview for with Joey Cuts

|9.18.09| Became a staff writer with Wheat City Magazine (launching soon!)

|9.7.09| Launched the online store for Noteworthy Jewels by Jaz

|9.4.09| Met with a new client gained from a toxic referral–Never burn bridges (completely)!

|8.19.09| Began classes at Rockhurst University. Undergrad Date Aug. 2011 & MBA date Aug 2012

|8.7.09| Craigs List posting worked. Just completed work for new client.

|7.26.09| Completed my very 1st interview for an internet TV show by KC’s own Hobo Tone. Saw how the devil plays by creating clones of future blessings.

|7.17.09| Decided to center the Summer/Fall 2009 line of Noteworthy Jewels by Jaz around wood. Made about 30 pairs…still not done!

|7.6.09| Approached Charles Hamilton about getting involved with the U.N.B.S project. Met with new client. Second night with no sleep. Brain won’t shut off. Getting quite annoying.

|7.4.09| Submitted the Campus Tour (eBook Preview) for distribution. Currently awaiting alterations to proof copy I did not approve.

|7.2.09| Copped a copy of Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Photoshop. Designed Noteworthy Books by Jaz logo & new business cards.

|7.1.09| Spoke with a referral client. Will meet with her on Monday. God is working!

|6.30.09| Completed my first commercial script. Never dreamed Brian Busby would be reading anything I’ve written. This confirms my future is bright.

|6.18.09| Completed the final book cover design and developed the Urban Nerd Book Series (UNBS) logo/coat of arms. Hot shit. Now I gotta raise funds to pay for it…

|6.17.09| Launched the new & improved People can now see my writing lab. Today I will finish my last kids collection & will work to expand my business.

|6.15.09| Began Summer/Fall 2009 collection of Noteworthy Jewels by Jaz. Presentation is more professional.  I have officially developed my unique style. Time to redo to reflect this new level of flyyness.

|6.14.09| New client: Bizniz Records signed their contract. Largest volume of bios I’ve been commissioned to write for a label. Realized I need to begin actively seeking new clientele. Time to expand.

|6.11.09| Found a new graphic designer for the U.N.B.S. Changed the “passport seal” to a U.N.B.S. crest. More creative. More artistic.


2 thoughts on “The Grind Files”

  1. I love the website… it’s unique! Are you looking for artist to do any articles on?

    • noteworthybyjaz said:

      Thanks love, just my musings. No articles here just my musings =) I’m a writer for Wheat City Magazine however. Shoot me your contact info and I’ll keep it stashed. I’m about to listen to the link you sent me.

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