Dear Family & Friends,

As you know, my mother (Fay) has been on bed rest for a month recovering from a MRSA infection in her left foot. We were told the infected bone was removed in surgery, and the antibiotics were clearing up the infection. Today, an MRI showed the infection is worse than it was initially. Fay is being hospitalized.

Perhaps God didn’t get our first prayer memo. It’s time to cry out.

She has endured the foot pain, not leaving the house, medicine that makes her nauseous, not seeing her mother (Willie Bea), and having extremely limited mobility for a full month. Additionally, she believed this nightmare was coming to an end.

Family, agree with me in this prayer. Use it as your prayer starter.

I first claim peace & comfort for her heart and mind. Secondly, I claim healing through the blood of Jesus. Jesus never refused to heal anyone who asked him. We’re kicking down his door asking. I pray he will answer saying, “I will come & heal her” as he did in Matthew 8:7. Lastly, Philippians 4:13 says Fay can do all things through Christ which strengthens her. I am claiming Fay’s ownership of this truth. May she allow Christ to come into her core and give her the endurance to complete this trial by running, and not limping, to the finish line

Our family has seen great miracles in healing when we pray corporately. I believe we will be able to add my mom’s healing onto that list.

With love and blessings,