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“Love Spell 67”

I have fallen utterly & completely in love with Christ
My heart swells with the anticipation of each new kiss
Like a teenaged girl,
my nose is wide open and everything smells like HolySpirit
I find myself drifting into Daydreams
about how we can take our relationship to the next level
I gaze blissfully at “Footsteps in the Sand” posters and giggle
It’s just like my Lord to post a Classified Ad for the world to see…

“He likes; Long walks on the beach
&occasionally walking on water”

I’m hearing old R&B Hits in new ways looking for any excuse to have his name on my lips
Oh, it tastes so sweet
Singing off key remixednlovednsongs to my King

“He got me Feenin….Feeeeenin
for the next time I’ll stand in his grace

Bowing low at the alter
Arms raised to the sky
– Hold me
– Hug me
Cover me in you
Yearning for the touch of the master
Nobody does me like you

Your touch is so gentle,
Yet it rocks me so deep
I can’t help but call out your name:
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!


He got INto me.

My skin radiates an evervesint peaceful glow of splendor marking your Holy touch
Folks are saying, “There’s something about her,” I just can’t…
explain the change but I know you got INto me & I permeate you

I told all my homegirls ’bout the new man in my life
How we reconnected and ever since everything’s been right
Jazzy’s got her groove back
I didn’t give him my baggage, I allowed him in & he took it
He purged hurts
He cleansed dirt
He pulled me out of me and into him as we merged into one
He entrusted me with his love and adoration
He went before me to prepare a place for me before his Father, our Father, my Father
He made me his bride

And I.
And I.
And I am completely and utterly in love with Christ.