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Word is bond
On my mama
On my son
that ain’t me

You’re mistaken; Perhaps you
Confused me with him over there
Or she standing near
– We have the same name,
– but our walk ain’t the same

I assure you.
The Devil is a lie!
But, I …

Not-the-one-your’re- looking-for.

Visit the past
Read through my jacket
Check my bedpost for tallies
Snoop Around
Private Eye
Ask people, they knew me.
I partied, I drank, I said
let their be WHIN’ing if there’s no Rum & Coke
But it’s deeper.

I was teased & rejected
Deemed flawed to the standards of those of standard issue
I. Was.
Unable to match my “me-ness” to their “expected-ness”
Falling short of a goal I never knew I had
Functioning in the realm of: “You tell me who I be”
So I can morph and take on that burden
That title
That personhood

Of … The kid with the annoying voice so I’m self-conscious
Of … The kid with the crooked jaw so I’m never filmed
Of … The kid who acts white – so I get gully!
Of … The kid who has health issues others can’t see so I deem myself a liar
Of … The kid who is molested and simply wants their power back
Of …

The kid.
Who looks at a baby picture and longs to reset
To be born-again
Made pure-again
Receive life for the first time, through the lungs
Lady. You’ve got the wrong person.

It’s not me.