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I have seen it said many places that walking through a spider’s web is both the most desperate AND dumbest time of a humans existence.

This brief act creates a moment of fragility where the subject unkowingly enters the fight of their life with an invisible object that simply will not go away. The web aims directly for the face. Despite years of graceful flailing, the silky strands of doom seem to temporarily cut off air restriction as they wrap around your nose and lips.

No one can help you.

As onlookers watch empathetically (with stifled giggles) all you can say is, “Watch out, there’s a spider’s web,” as you pretend to pick remnants of it off your arms. However we both know, you destroyed it.

The WEB Effect:

Once an individual becomes aware of the world within the world, it is akin to a veil being lifted from their eyes which cannot be glued back on.

I have just summarized the philosophy of The Veil in “The Soul of Black Folk” by great thinker (philosopher) W.E.B DuBois.

Let’s revisit our individual with the Spider’s Web attack!
After enough attacks this person may begin to change their outlook, and start to see the not so hidden world of spiders. This world is perfectly visible, and coincides with ours. It’s up to him/her what is done with the new sensory information.

They may:
a) Knock all webs down
b) Walk around them
c) Become spiderman

The point is: Once the veil is off, no matter the subject, you cannot put it back on. Many don’t know they are wearing a veil while others are too intimidated to live in the new world they see after it’s been removed.

Which are you?