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alllow me to expell some myths for you
expand your mind
for a second or two

stop allowing people to tell you that
THEY have to break you down
build you back up.
who are these people
why do you have to be broken down

I believe
you should never allow anyone to
break – you -down
with – what
and what are they putting in you
and why
how exactly do they intend to build you

do THEY know how to build a strong black woman
who’se to say they are even built at all
you aren’t built higher

who – are – They

I came here to dispel a few myths

there is no recipe
no instruction book
no manual
but I can give you a few tips

some ingredients

you need a few mentors:
not 1, not 2, not 3
but 4 at least
in all the areas you forsee
you want to be

you need to
humble yourself and find humility
and that
may take a few years but
you need to…
listen (x5)
to the voices of the past
and echo their footsteps

because the blueprints of your life have already been written
before you
so stop copy-cat-TING

if there was no need for you
then God wouldn’t have created you
Because you already have a unique purpose
so baby girl
just keep your blinders on
and run your own race

and there will be imitators
and there will be challengers
and there will be people spy-ting you
and there will be people coming against you
and there will be plotters
and deceivers
and liars
and people will hurt your feelings
and people will knock you down

and you will get knocked to the ground
but you just have to keep your blinders on
and run your own race
and seek your own goals
and your own milestones
and baby girl
take time to
pat yourself on the back.

because it’s your own life

and remember
only you can build you

with God’s help.

but there will be people around you.

who will help you
who will build you
who will give you the tools you need to

help you
and either you’re going to take them
you’re not

and if you don’t
you’ll stay unfinished longer

and that’s on you.

because the only one who can build you,
is you.
and it’s your life’s journey

you just gotta be ready

see you gotta protect your mind too
your mind is sacred
and that’s your safe place
that’s where everything begins
the place where all actions start
your mind

you have to see it before you can achieve it
you have to believe it before you can see it
you have to visualize it before you can believe it

…someone has to plant the seed
who’se it gonna be…

surround yourself (2x)
protect your circle
keep your circle tight

and I’ll be the first to say that you only have 2-3 friends
that don’t mean that everyone is out to get you
it just means
you have
2 to 3 FRIENDS

youre not finished yet.

the sooner you recognize
that, your constantly in the oven baking and
you’re building is never all the way complete and
you’re actually a

Temple and
self-esteem is different than self-worth and
different lessons such as these

you’ll find yourself entering into
states of self reflection
where you
begin to review the game tapes of your life

you can find peace within the storm to stop and think
you’re on the right path

Baby Girl,
I can’t tell you How To Build a Strong Black Woman

I can dispel some myths
and some rumors
I can pass on some tips I’ve learned along the way

I can stand before you in my transparency
so you can see my dings and cuts
unfinished raw edges.

Although I’m unfinished just like you
I can tell I’m sturdy as hell
and no one
no one
is going to knock me
all the way down

Dedicated To: The Sisters of Ujima at Univerisity of Central Missouri