It has occurred to me that I have gotten lazy with my pie in the sky I deem – I no longer give you nuggets of information. All you have been receiving is poetry poetry POETRY! I apologize…

So here’s a quick rant followed by some helpful info:

Pirated music hit the scene on a large scale around the year 2000 (based on personal memories). Thanks to various unnamed websites, users no longer go searching for individual songs and end up with broken links. [they] now have the ability to download complete albums with the click of one button. God Bless Technology

In the age of “Racks on Racks” while “Going Hammer” I wonder if anyone out there is geeky enough to have the desire to load their tablet/smartphone with eBooks obtained free of charge.

A … Geeky Pirate.

Slap yourself silly if you are more interested in free music than a simpler way to read (No lugging books around & No pesky book light). I would cry tears of joy if I heard people excited about what new books they copped vs. a new album/bootleg DVD.

I don’t believe in bitching unless you have a solution, so… here are resources on receiving free eBooks!

Your Local Library – Check online, Many rent eBooks & Audiobooks

Barnes & Noble/Nook/Amazon/Google Books – Free eBooks are posted, it simply takes sifting to find good ones! Often the free ones are classic novels, however I often find great business & self-help books. In college I found some books for [philosophy] class using these resources. – You have to love free file sharing, ARGH!!! *adjusts pirate hat*

  1. Click: Books
  2. In search box Type: “The”
  3. Drop down box, Type of File: pdf
  4. Click: Search

You don’t have to go through step 3, however downloading pdf versions ensure the file will work across 99.9% of the platforms you will be loading it on to. Additionally, they have the chapter sections you like & if you feel like converting them to ePub or another format, you can!

Happy Reading!