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Summer time is upon us & people are eaither in heat or loosing their d#mn minds.

Mission: “Blow this popsicle stand”

In the midst of all this fool-a-rangery, Barnum & Bailey, and general Charmin’dimity … Can we PLEASE remember the human element?


There are people on the other side of that ign’nt wall you’ve built.

Funny how a song from a Nickelodeon Cartoon can spit so much knowledge:

“Break Your Heart” by Dino Spimoni (via Hey Arnold! 1996)

Darling, you left my heart In pieces on the floor
So tell me why shouldn’t I Break some things of yours?
I’ll smash your lamp,
the antique chair,
That stupid thing you always wear;
I’ll smash a vase, the radio, Those little teacups from Limoge;
Your wacky paintings on the walls;
– POW –
I’ll smash ’em all;
Lover, it’s just a game;
Cupid can take the blame;
I’ll take the place apart,
But don’t worry – I won’t smash your heart!
speaking: not me,
maybe some other clown,
but im not gonna smash your heart baby