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“Esquire Man”
I think I need a kinda educated man
a man who kinda thinks on his feet
knows that I gotta a college degree Typa-man
I ain’t goin for … that … buuuuull-shit
now that I got my college degree I think in can ask for a higher standard


I’m putting my foot down.



I think I am.

and see im not in my feelings
and I don’t want to be called a bitch for these thoughts that I’m spitting right now
I think I deserve an Esquire
a man with ESQ after his name
a man who is stylish
but see
I think
I think
I think
I think I still want him to be an Urban Nerd
a man who still has a bit of sag in his pants
a bit of sag in his pants
a little swagger to his step
a man who is a little bit nerdy
cuz this is the type of woman that i are
the type of gal that I be

I want an Esquire Man
an ESQ type of gentleman

a GG

a man with that European, 50s,, Brotain type of style
skinny tie
a man who likes Italian Leather
a man who shops at Method KC
a man who knows what a boutique is
an Esquire type pf gentleman

a man who doesn’t look at me cock-eyed when I stop on front of a door
“Open My Shit.”

Be a gentleman please.

a man who doesn’t get caught up in all that chivalry shit
it’s not chivalry, its just being a man
a man whose not pretty
cuz when ur an Esquire it’s not called being pretty
it’s just called being: ESQ

that’s the type of man that I want
to compliment me
to ne on on my side.

because I’m going places, with my college degree
and even if I didn’t have a college degree I’d still be going places
because I’m just me
I’m just jazzy
Flyy shit
Flyy double y
and I need a grown man by my side

he must look good in pictures and on top of my wedding cake
or with me on the cover of in style magazine
an Esquuuire Man
to compliment my swagger
but fuck swagger
cuz me I’m Flyy
and he, he’s ESQ (dot)
that’s right

and you remember that name
cuz you’ll be seeing it later
I want you to tweet about it
The Only ESQ (dot)

say it: ESQ (dot) 3x

men I want you to aspire to it
women I want you to want, i want you desire it

ESQ (dot)

and me I’m Flyy double Y Flyy
and we, we #teambowtye

and without further a-due, I’m going to bring him up
The Only ESQ