overcoming sensibilities of myself
of realities
of what I thought was true
each day

& Teaching
& Lecturing
& determined to pass on my Testimony

in the midst of rolled eyes
and mutters
bitter bitches and sour niggas whispering

I’m just passionate
in love with life

and if you knew my story
and if you knew my journey
…what God’s brought me through
you’d know I’m just happy to be walking.

to be breathing

and my smile
isn’t fake
I’m not some USA Pageant queen chick
it’s not pasted on with valseline on my gums
i’ve just learned how to count my blessings

no longer taking 300 plus pills a week
not walking with a cane every day
go to sleep with all utilities on
gas in the tank
cell phone never cut off
texts from people who love me

truly love me

I’m blessed

so I smile

and each day I wake up with 1 decision & 2 goals:
Decision: Live or Die
I’m not speaking About simply existing as plants do
I mean living
the type of life that great philosophers such as Aristotle mulled over
what makes a human, human.
Granny Sunlight, Father Time & Morpheus all enter my bedroom at 8:30
(or so)
each morning and present me with the red pill or the black
Each time I choose to live I’m choosing to ride this mothafuckea til the wheels roll into the street and the exhaust pipe falls off

Goal Number 1
Think a Thought That’s Been Thunk Before
let me run that back

each day I’m pushing myself towards innovation
in my business
in life
it stops my from settling

Fuck your foot, I believe in lighting the fire under my OWN ASS!
While you’re thinking outside the box, I AM the box
you’re making room for me
eIther you occupy the space inside
or outside
so you will get in where you fit in
either way you follow me.

And Goal Number 2
Pass a smile

For the greatest testimony I can give is letting my light shine
by lighting your flame

So Smile