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Rainbow Suite #3 [EveryWoman]

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This poem goes out to EveryWoman

The woman who are and the woman who be

The woman who ain’t and the woman who she


The woman who told her girlfriend: “He wasn’t shit anyway, put on your fuck’em dress & your get’em girl heels, saddle up, cuz Giiiirrrrl we finna ride out!”…and now you’re here, With me.


The woman who cried & wiped her tears away before they dropped so her mascara wouldn’t run,

then held her head high

and went back to her desk like she was A-Ok

…And to the other

who curled into a ball and held her pillow tight

wishing the nightmare away or

just a break in the storm so she could see the sun shine again


To the women who laugh & giggle.

Conversations on the phone on the car ride home

Endless Texts

Likes on GIRL POWER! Facebook status messages

Retweets then a [hashtag] “Get ‘Em Girl!” subtweet just to show your support on a

super-cala-fraga-listic-expi-ala-do-shus post that









And I say to you


You’re the bomb.


All that and a bag of chips.

[Hot chips]

The original kind with Chester the Cheetah on the front.


With your Press on Nails upgraded to Silk Wraps

and Door Knocker Earrings upgraded to Chandeliers

and Saran Wrap Sessions simplified to Spanks


Woman, oh Woman, Thou Art the Shit!


And don’t allow anyone [not even yourself] to tell you otherwise


See those Stretch Marks are truly Tiger Stripes.

Remnants from the African Jungle from whence you came

Your wide array of emotions demonstrate passion

An ability to take an interest in all causes, great and small

And the ability to flip through them so quickly shows versatility

And that patch near the nape of your neck that curls up tight in moments of laughter, fun, good sex, and between hair appointments…

….Just a sign of living-life


and you do it well, my sistah


And if you don’t know your worth; i’m sorry.

but you are worthy of this poem.


And many others.


I am not the first to write about you, Nor will I be the last

From your intellect

to your resilience

your flyyness

down to the sheer mighty bountiful power possessed and over-flowing between your legs.


Buy a thong with a flap, call it a superhero cape because it has capabilities beyond the understanding of erectile comprehension.

Better yet tell him to bow down and take a dip in your baptismal waters

And when he does be sure he understands the miracle that just took place


For the great sea that gushes between those walls are capable of bringing forth life

And if he looks perplexed or got lost in this trail of metaphors…


Just know it is powerful beyond measure

And you contain it so tell Smiling John to Submit

And he will. It will.


This poem goes out to EveryWoman

In plural and in Sum

None left out


In all stages of your Rainbows

To the woman who are and the woman who be

The woman who aint and the woman who she


This is for you

Love Always