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Rainbow Suite #2 [This Torrid Affair]

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Dear Richard,


This torrid affair we had is done

i think i speak for us both when i say it was getting a tad stale.

i mean.

u dangle the carrot on the string for me to swat at like a kitty at play posted on the cubicle of the wall of the office cat lady who wreaks of moth balls and such


and i giggle

and i laugh

and then i cry

then i spit sometimes not so idle threats about slashing tires

of putting a bullet hole between your eye



i – dont – like – games


it’s getting old.


and no matter how many daps or soul claps.

nods of acceptance

you give me

thumbs up

shoulders to lean on in moments of lapsed sensibilities…

you don’t truly F with me


oh, silly Richard!


i can hear you now.


put your head on my shoulder while the world kicks your ass

and i pick you up and tell you it’s not your fault

and how handsome you are

and how you were made in God’s image


and i smile and nod my head and tell you to do the same,

because studies show that Monkey see-Monkey do


i learned that from my mom.


it’s the “Mary Kay” technique to selling.




and after i sell you a dream and you trot off with your penis happily bouncing between your legs ready to embark on another adventure of only Who-Gives-a-Fuck-What


i roll my eyes and mutter: “Jerk”


He hasn’t got a clue.


My dear Richard,

i’m writing to tell you this torrid love affair is through.


and no baby we can’t work it out

and no it’s not that simple — we just can’t kiss & try again or start over


Fuck Me?


Well Fuck You Too!


No, no, no, no


You silly fool you.

i take that back.


Yes fuck me.

i love to fuck me and i do it quite nicely in fact,

…but this letter is about you, and i’d like to keep it that way


While you’ve been clearing your mind i’ve had time to clear mine

Well not really, but

God granted me a moment of clarity and in that brief intermission from the kayos of fuckery i envisioned equality


A world where i wasn’t called Bitch when stating my opinion

Told i was being mouthy when stating what i would not stand for

Or called arrogant for reminding you of my resume of skills & accomplishments when conveniently overlooked in your male-dominated business groups


Perhaps Martin was on to something with that dream of his…


See, i can dream too.


Except in my dream Ethnicity was obsolete.

Everyone was the same color and the world knew Martin was a philanderer.

The great dividing line was positioned between the legs.

i was being pushed to the end of a rainbow by an angry mob


i had a needle and thread and sheer determination to close the gap one way or another


i woke up.


Dear Richard.

This colored girl refuses to be pushed to the end of her rainbow by you or any DICK.


[get it: Richard…Dick]


So to you i say: “This Torrid Love Affair Is Through.”