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As you know I consider my literary genealogy to read as follows: Zora Neale Hurston begat Ntozake Shange who begat Jasmine D. Taylor. For more information see posting: “I am the Richard Pryor of Literature

However, it was my discovery {as an 18yr old Freshman Student at Clark Atltlanta University while writing a term paper} of Miss Zora Neal Hurston’s book “for colored girls who consider suicide when the rainbow is enuff” that dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s of all of my literary senses and ultimately stoked a fire in me that will never go out.

Six years later, on the cusp of my 25th birthday and undeniable [no-looking-back-now] entry into official womanhood: I have begun my own series of poems, Affectionately called: The Rainbow Suite.

Although I am young in years, as an artist I am sensitive and receptive to life. These pieces represent me. These pieces represent you. EveryWoman. They are not a diss against men. They simply are what they be. If you, as a man, are pissy about anything featured within them, I have a lengthy term paper plus plenty of primary sources you can read concerning the subject.

Who gone check me boo?!

(sorry, I always wanted to say that!)

Replace “Voice” With “Poem” & “Song” with “Suite”…..[but pretend it’s me singing]