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Intro: I’m very satirical . This is my satirical look on the Spoken Word/Poetry scene in America. It’s not an attack on anyone, however if a particular person comes to mind & u giggle I take no responsibility. In fact, I even laugh at myself! Oh yea, for the record: YES that is me banging on my leg (on the bongo part). I get foolish in this piece. I’ll have to perform it again & post a video version.

Intellectual Bullshit

Downloadable Live Audio Recording

[Ps: Thank Mr. Theory The Poet for getting me to post this one! It’s a favorite in most Poetry Venues in Kansas City, MO. That’s him in the background of the recorded audio version!]

Welcome Earthlings!

It is I.

Creator of intellectual bullshit.

I got your letter….all of them


So here I am….in the flesh. For you to enjoy.

You asked for a leader, so here I am

Bow down, worship me.

Everyone craves me

All of you want me.

You just wanted a Moses to save you


Feed from my bossoms of knowledge.

Savor my every word.

Do you like my rhyme pattern?

I can talk slow like thissss

Or beat on my bongos (tap tap tap tap tap)

Do you like it like that?

When I do that you assume everything I say is credible.

Or sometimes I can spit my flow real fast like this.

You don’t catch everything I say, but because I go like this and

Make inflections with my voice you

Assume everything I say is credible

See I’m (laughs) the giver of Intellectual Bullshit

All of you are searching for a Moses and I am here my children

I am here to save you

I am your giver of intellectual bullshit

I am she

I’m here

You requested me

You cried out for me


I’m here..

For you.

You’re welcome.

After I leave you, Your hearts will feel warm and fuzzy

You will go home and back to work feeling fulfilled.

You will feel as if you got a 1-up on the rest of the world


You are artsy

You will feel connected with your past.

You should.

And rightfully so, because I was with: Langston Hughes. I was with Zora Neale Hurston. I was with Charlie Parker. I was with all those Negroes of the New Negroe Movement.

I was right there at the Harlem Renassaince, and….Here I am. Right here with you

Right here. At this open mic, to feed you

Because I am the giver of intellectual bullshit.

Here in the flesh, with you.

Everything is searching for something deeper.

You want me to say something you will agree with

You want me to grow a fro’& say: Revolution, Revolution, Revolution, Revolution!

You want me to be every scorn chickadee & say: Men a’int shit

You want me to grow a 3rd leg & say: Tongue twisters to get you wet

Because that makes the ladies fiend (softly laugh)

I have no gender

No desires of my own

Everything about me is null and void

For I am simply a blob of creativity

Just a blurb

Just a spirit

I am he, she and it

A verb, adjective, and noun

I am a feeling, an emotion—-Tears, sadness, anger, happiness, rage

I am stupidity, revenge, jelousy, wrath

For I am bullshit, and I am here to be your leader

For you have called me.


I am a step above Hip Hop

I legitimize you.

And you approve of me by giving me snaps and claps

I sway within the waves of incense smoke.

I dance between the notes as the band plays behind you.

I am in every poet’s diaphragm as they take their next breath to push out their next rhyme.

I am there with them on stage

I dance in the candlelight as lights flicker on your tabletops

As the crinkles around your mouth curl up each time the poet on the mic says something on the mic that delights you

You beckon me each time the host picks up the mic and says:


And you CLAP!

And you clap! Louder and louder and LOUDER and LOUDER!

And my presence  grows,

and my power grows! And my power grows.

And I feed.

and I need your energy,

And I need it and I need it

And I need it to stay alive.

Because, all you need is intellectual bullshit.

And that’s all it is.

It’s Intellectual Bull—Shit…..

It’s bullshit.

It’s just bullshit.

Intellectual Bullshit.