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WARNING: I rarely post Parental Advisory type stickers on my postings but this piece calls for it. After being quarantined for a month I began to see a shift in people. Since then there’s been a continuous parting in my life. Either you go hard with me or you f&cking don;t.There is no middle ground. [Previous to quarantine I thought there was and each week I get B%tch slapped with a new life lesson to teach me otherwise] So yes, this piece goes hard.

Life goes hard.

My B*tches [D%cks Included]

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I roll with a…click of

I roll with a group of enlightened aliens around me



When I get into my moods where I feel like drifting in and out of your realities –I

know I can call them


when shit gets chaotic I know I can inflate myy: Left Right Siiide, Front Center Top

Back Bottom Siiides and

They inflate into supportive balloons to comfort me


Grab the gat out of the back seat…or out of the trunk

Or snatch a bitch up when I say: Bitches we gotta roll the fuck out cuz

They keep tryin me.


I can call them for a brief pep talk because they know that I got it on my own

Because they know I like to roll Solo Dolo.

And we connect every month, See

May go Weeks and Weeks and Weeks

Months and Months and Months

and Maybe a year or two without speaking

no love lost

We just —- Busy.

But when we do connect it takes:



an outing


just a brief meeting, embrace, hug –

Video chat on Yahoo, AIM, or Skype

And we smile

And we release or we cry

Because that’s how me and my real bitches do

And some of my real bitches are men

And I’m not calling them bitches, I’m just saying them all & it’s all-inclusive

That’s how I use the term

Because these are my REAL bitches, my REAL bitches, my REAL bitches

Cuz I don’t want to use the term Niggas

These are my real bitches,

my real aliens,

my real Martians from Saturn

and some are from Jupiter

my Jupiter affiliates

and I know a few Uranians

and They Dig My Flow.

Cuz I’m an artsy soul and I hang with the artsy

And this is how I roll

Solo Dolo.

And I like it this way.

Because sometimes I be on my businesss…mode.

And sometimes I be on my Intellectual Bullshit

And sometimes I want to be with me

And sometimes I feel like having a crew around

And sometimes I’m feeling like a party girl

And sometimes I’m just feeling balls to the wall irresponsible

And sometimes I need someone to kick me square in the ass and say,

“Jaz you need to get your shit together”


“What the Fuck are you doing? You’re fucking up.”

“Jazzy get your shit right.”

And other times well…

other times the weight of the world is holding me down

and I need my support to hold me up like a tension bridge

and they’re there (x4)

and they’re there before I even have to call them

and they’re there before I even have to call them

before I even have to call them they are there because they sense it.

Something tingles inside them and they know exactly what to do

Sometimes they know me better than I know myself

They know the parts of my that even I won’t admit

Because they’ve known me for decades

upon decades (x3)

Some have only known me for months but yet they sense the inner me.


The place I escape to play monkey in the middle with my thoughts

They know what it means when I say I need to go there for a time.

(you don’t).

And they let me be

They know what I mean when I say, “Intellectual Bullshit.”

And they don’t take offense

And they know when they can call me for advice

And they know when to just let me be

And they understand that I’m socially private

And they understand that I’m a hermit

And they understand I’m aggressive and passive

And they understand that I’m a contradiction

But I’m real.

And they know that I’m transparent,

and I think that’s what they love about me most

and I think that’s what they love about me most

And for them

I love them.

And if you’re one of them,

And you’re here right now.

I thank you. (x4)

Love Always, Jasmine Danielle Taylor

Afterthought: Just in case the repetitive use of the word “Bitch” offended you [get over it]. And just in case me saying [get over it] offended you, here’s a comical parody by my favorite group of comedians from Clark Atlanta University (@dormtainment) about the word. Enjoy!