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This Nikki vs. Kim beef makes my heart ache. So much so that I shed a single tear, yes b*tches: A-Single-Tear! I think what hurts me is the cattiness of it all. It’s senseless entertainment for the masses that ultimately is counterproductive to anything & everything that eaither one of these two Hip Hip Vixxens accomplished.

While intently listening to Kimberly’s Black Friday, I can’t help b

ut get a mental picture of a dinosaur letting out a final roar as it’s slayer delivers the final blow to its heart via a poisoned dart of Pink Confetti & Sparkly (yet rancid) Botox.

Kim: What the Fuck are you bitching about?!

Yes there’s a new Barbie on the block…So-f*cking-what…There is also a new Foxy, new Queen Latifah, new MC Lyte, and if you shut your trap & give it a decade or so we may even have a new Biggie in our midst.

She’d truly pop an implant on that last one!

How soon we forget that Biggie took a certain deep talking Kimberly off the streets, sex’d her up, and produced Lil’ Kim. However, I highly doubt he forcibly carved away at her face n body with plastic surgery. I believe she did that on her own. Let us also not forget the torrid love affair they shared.

[Note: My careful choice of words..I ain’t sayin she f*cked for a buck, but they certainly enjoyed “Partied & Bullshit”]

If you REALLY follow the money trail, Wayne ain’t in charge, it’s Baby. They followed the formula for success along a trail you blazed. So now you mad?

F*ck outta here!

I’m a Kim fan AND an original Nikki fan. I’m talking: Gruff voiced, Spitta-Trigga-Killa, Mixtape Nikki from the early Early EARLY days! I still remember hearing her for the 1st time. It was a breath of fresh air.

Amendment: Link to OLD NIKKI TRACKS via my personal collection – [http://www.supashare.net/t7gl5gi9lwvs]

Chickadee had complex rhyme schemes with transparent content. She was gritty, but kept it a lil sexy. You got the sense there was fire behind those lyrics & this chick (whoever she was) had a definite purpose in mind. In other words, Ms. Nikki was here to stay.

Early on I recognized the Lil Kim similarities & Nikki didn’t help the shit by posing like her. However, after seeing interviews on BET & hearing self-conflicted tracks such as “Dear Old Nikki,”
I don’t believe this was her own doing.

Point Blank: Lil Kim is pissed she got rich off her image & feels underappreciated.

Now back to that Single Tear business. Y’all have always known me to be a Social Commentarist. This topic may seem an oddity among the ranks of others. Perhaps a piece of me feels that I can throw some Intellectual Fairy Dust at this Moment of F*ckery & make it go away. I’m not sure exactly, but this is nonsense.

I wish I could sit the two down like two lil kids:

Kimberly: Although Nicole looks a Hell of a lot like you, she’s not & never will be. You wrote a formula don’t hate the broad/industry for capitalizing on the equation. You should be happy the next one to do it did the shit right. Pass the torch. Sit your old ass down somewhere & enjoy your money. Capitalize on it…just not through a Rap Beef. (not a good look)

Nicole: Silicone booty, Outrageous wigs, Eyeball theatrics. I don’t give a Flying Rats Ass! Your lyrics are HONEST.  As a writer & performing poet, I respect those who leave their hearts on the stage. This is what distinguishes you from Kim & keeps you connected to Old Nikki.
You are introspective.

Your career is still as young as newborn piss (country term). It will level out in time.

The End.