I simply LOVE birthdays! This past year of my life has been a year of me becoming established as woman. I have questioned myself, torn myself down (in a productive remodeling manner), and ultimately emerged with an internal set of standards. A heightened level of self-worth. A foundation of womanhood.

I can now say, I have officially transitioned. Putting away childish thoughts, speech, and actions. I now begin my journey not towards womanhood, but a journey living life as a woman. Thus far it is exciting, passionate, sexual (without any contact at all), and is filled with discovery around every corner. I believe this is how my “All That Jazz: Birthday Celebration” came about.

This year I have chosen to trade in my standard party for an entire week of events. Unlike some who take over weekends as an excuse to get sloppy drunk, I want to celebrate my life by pushing myself to live it how I truly want to. I want to do things I love, despite how others feel. I want to be fearless in experiencing new things I’m curious about. I chose 7 events/places/experiences that represent this for me….A sampler plater if you may.

Feel free to join me in the celebration of my 24 years of life. I’d love to have your company as I embark on this new chapter in my life and Praise Jah for getting me this far safely. Hell, while we’re at it we can celebrate your life too! Life is good!


(Ps: Shouts to Mr. Gregory DeCuir II for the Flyer Inspiration)