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Recently I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth. I’m sorry y’all, I’ve been working through some thangs & truly just needed [me] time.

While taking my [me] time I stumbled upon a very important realization: After you spill your guts to a person, they can never seem to say the right thing to fully soothe your soul.

In the words of my friend Tony, “Fuck you. You don’t know my life”

While the “Fuck you” is a tad harsh, the second half is true. You are the only person on this planet who knows your life.

Unless someone sends you a message from the Lord [which does happen], it is highly probable that the person you’re confiding in does not & will not fully unsderatand all aspects of everything.

By everything I mean:
1: External – The cold hard facts about what’s going on
2: Internal – The emotions you feel & thoughts you are having as a result of the situation

What resulted from this was [me] even more frustrated than before. I would bear my soul, friends/family would offer advice, I’d shoot it down saying that won’t work in my situation. Everyone leaves unhappy & frustrated.

At last I found a solution!

I’ll give my own damn self advice. Ha! I used the Voice Memo Recorder app on my iPhone to record a motivational message to myself. It has the words of encouragement & wisdom that I need to hear.

My 1st recording provides a pick-me-up when Fibromyalgia interferes with my ability to complete tasks such as cleaning or homework. The message reminds me of my strength & intellegence. It remindstt me that the only reason I’m having trouble is because I have Fibromyalgia, and that I’m justified for feeling frustrated.

The recording is very short, but it’s EXACTLY what I need to hear.

Who better to inspire you, than You!