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+Social Interactions.
+So-shol Inner-ak-shun.
+Sow-shall Enter-act-shuns

Words speak to me, bringing to life their worldly meanings.

Social Interaction is such a strange concept. We build an environment that supports our beliefs, styles, mannerisms & add n subtract elements til everything feels just right. I know we must look strange. In the larger universal schema, perhaps like tiny colorful dots bumping into eachother…sticking together…revolting ourselves free.

If only Social Interaction were more like interior decorating or maybe geometry.

Math makes sense.

Unfortunately humans are subjects not objects & subjects revolt as objects just are/am/exist.

{each to be loved
{each to be valued
{each to be mindful of their own devious schemes & missions

Is there a place in life for the pure in light? Those with no particular intentions other than to love-learn-smile-grow-die. Them who wish to give themselves to the world in all their annointed gifts of giving? Me.

These of Them type folk seem to be judged the harshest.

Scales tip unevenly as we observe yet not conclude but are concluded against just cause that’s the human way n shit.

::To Assign Motives::

…when none do exist