I’m going through the same life journey, but am currently walking along a new path….one i’ve never been down before. take that back. i’ve walked this path, but never successfully. i always seem to trip over a vine and just fall on my ass then mumble some garbled up nonsense like, “FUCK THIS SHIT!”

and so i struggle.

…i think it’s fear…

i’m a loner. i roll solo dolo. i am the only cause of my downfall & in reverse the only cause of my success. how individualistic. i have insecurities. i have secrets. i have feelings of unworthiness. sometimes i simply loose me.

then i go diggin for me & can’t find me, because i forgot what me looks like.

i sift through mask after mask….






…but where is my me face.

scared to be vulnerable. even my transparencies are well thought out. decisions decisions, but where is me. my writing…the window to my soul, my brain…the center of me. so i write to find me. words & punctuations hold the key.

but i’m still searching, for me.