Words are as beautiful as any artistic work I’ve ever seen. I love how they dance about the page and such, in all their wordy ways and mannerisms. I see colors and characters and humps and grumps

[The Letter “M” Is Truly A Grumpy Critter]

Words have so much personality to me.

Some phrases dance joyously around the page, while others [Like “Pomp & Circumstance] remain poised & regal.

The words.

They speak to eachother, and (at times) allow me to join in. Some of them don’t like being next to eachother so i have to switch em out so they won’t stage a revolt and walk right up off my page!

I know this all sounds quite crazy and weird.

I would not be surprised if (said) readers of this post felt it to be a ploy to seem even more artsy and odd-ballish than I already am…

“There goes Jaz with that Martian From Saturn shit again”

Truth is, if I had your eyeballs fixed in my sockets & your brain snuggled neatly below my scalp, I’d feel the same.

Words are what excite me.##

“I always wanted to draw but couldn’t, so I decided to paint my pictures with words.” – Jasmine Danielle Taylor (the first)….yes ma’am, you must say “The First”