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Today: I Write.

Three words. Statement. Proclamation Declaration of Intent To Act. Quite Powerful really.

As clearly signified from the dramatically long pauses between new posts, I have (once again) been b*tch slapped with MJB Syndrome. I am too damn happy to write anything of true substance.

Typically I play the role of a sassy urbanite observing life unfold & exposing honest (yet off the chain) commentary to whoever dares to read/listen.

Tonight I just write.

Silver Bells of the hood ting-a-ling reverse my door stoop…ah, summer is coming & the Negroes act foolish

[cue bra’man stage left]

Summer Sprung Upon Me like a heap of winter packed tight in a nicely compact biscuit can.

Try to make sense of that.

Today: I Write.

Learning am I to burst free of smiley writers block. Sprinkle a lil xtra crack in my slurpy for good measure, but I do declare that crack is wack &jaz is back double dutchin’ in a commercial sangin’ “One Less, One Less.”

HPV noooo MJB that is.

Syndrome of the overly exuberant mind limiting the passionate Haunted Vagina type script I usually flip at cha….Jaz Taylor is a brand &my brand involves foolishness!

Imagining I dancing the night away with the uncouff black Literi or Lit-ti-rie. Zora Neale, Langston Hughes, Nella Larsen

or Mama Dukes Ntozake Shange tellin me to get home before the street lights come on

+Hidden meanings & rhymes.
+Epic Adventures
+ Personification

Simply writing whatever nonesense sounds clever at the time.

I’ve gone mad. {ink fever}

Although I may pull words out of my ass or simply make em up as I go (PRN). I’m a baaaaad literary bitchy guru

Today: I write.