I’ve been Virtually M.I.A for two days now. Summarized with a Twitter hashtag: #threewordsforyou: NOT FEELING IT. Unlike the real world, cyberspace is a complex network we create for ourselves. Though remnants of our real life manage to creep aboard, removal of our presence is as simple as ignoring our computers……so it used to be.

I laugh.

I tweet more efficiently from my phone. I find the touch screen mobile facebook layout more fun to use. Hell, if it doesn’t involve a video, I even blog using my device. I can’t escape it. The CyberWorld is with me always …kinda sounds like Herpes!

Between the massive amounts of facebook crap mail sent by overzealous party promoters (…because they see attending a party located 800 miles away from my home as feasible), and relentless notifications of comment replies from people I have no connection to…..WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! SYSTEM OVERLOAD!!


Perhaps a tad drastic, but that’s how I feel. I have no desire to read the comical musings of Affion Crocket ft. the Wayans Tribe. I don’t care to look for any @ mentions of Jaz_Taylor. I pass on peeking at rachett pics of exes that provide a quick “I’m-Doing-Better-Than-Him” pick me up.

Although it’s Technological Blasphemy against the principles Urban Nerds, like myself, hold dear….I miss the days when the most advanced feature on my phone was the series of beeps that faintly resembled Mozart, Symphony No. 5. Juss Sayin….

A million damnations to the creator of the smartphone!

Ok kk kk k k…..I don’t mean that. Whoever created the smartphone (probably the black guy who invented the BlackBerry) was a genius! My entire life is accessible through this tiny portal of technology. And I love it. Steal my phone & Die….I swear fo’ GAWD I will hunt you down and attack you with the furry of three wild spider monkey-silverback gorilla superhuman alien spawn children. When we meet, I will kick you in the chest as Tom of “The Boondocks” did while possessed by the ghost of Stinkmeiner ‘You was talkin’ all that shit and got kicked in yo chest nigg-aaaa!!!’

In a time where people would rather assume a cyber identity than communicate in reality (a tad Matrix’y maybe?!),perhaps what this Anti-Social Socialite lacks, is balance. Until I get everything sorted out….or…..Until I shake this general anti-social
feeling, expect me to be M.I.A. from the virtual scene.