I posted a video a few months back dancing the Kansas City 2-Step since videos of it are few and far between. Unlike other forms of stepping, such as the style Chicago is know for, this is extreeeeeeeeemly smooth. For onlookers it can be a bit confusing catching it, because of all the pauses. Trust me..there is a rhythm, PROMISE!!! At the request of some of my followers/subscribers I’m posting a tutorial video teaching you the basics.

A little known fact about me is my dance history. I danced for 14 years…Ballet, Studio Hip Hop, REAL Hip Hop with the guys, Tap & Stepping. I love dance. It’s my passion. I had to stop because of fibromyalgia. I get hurt every time I do anything (well almost anything) physical. I wish I could say no Flyy Black Women were hurt during the taping of this film….I’d be lying. Whewwwww Huny…I HURT! Back, elbows and knees….

Be sure to go on Twitter and follow Bodyguard_Beats ….kick him for making a beat so hott that ya girl’s ol crippled ass couldn’t stay sitting down, but thank him for making a hot ass beat that your babies will be made too HaHa!!!