This video posting is truly a rare treat, because I shy away from “performance pieces.” It’s a cold winter day and fibromyalgia has me hemmed up. As I read Erykah Badu’s tweet stream…then re-watched some of her old videos, I began reflecting. She’s weird. Jumped over to Lauryn Hill. She performed on Def Poetry Jam with a lopsided afro, wool floor length dashiki (?..jury is still out) and authentic white 70s platforms. NOBODY SAID SHIT. She performed. We listened. They clapped. I realized that at some point people still notice your oddities, but they eventually write them off as just being artistically themselves. I want to be treated the same.

Actually…the more artistic I become, the more I truly don’t give a damn. Ironic huh? Anyway, I put this quick lil piece together to illustrate my point. Wrote it in 2min…Recorded in 2min…Enjoy!