At 5:46 am. I tend to quote the time a lot in my musings…just want to make it real to myself. I have not been to sleep yet and I am in the middle of a flare up. Despite my pain pills making me sick to my stomach, I still managed to teach myself how to make wire wrapped rings, then start cranking them out (despite having proper supplies). Yes, I am that bitch…(sorry had to pat myself on the back for that one)….but really, I’m just passionate & focused.

That brings us to the subject of this literary musing: “Make-it-Happen Posers”

These people really burn my buttons! They are the people who carry themselves with an undeserved air of accomplishment. Consider themselves to be on a higher level because they are well known. Put others down to secure their own thrones. The easiest way to spot em is to look ask two questions.

#1- Where were they last year?
#2- Where are they now?

Hol’ up pimpin…before you start puffing out your chest, look inward and ask yourself the same two questions. Moving right along….

This year my focus was controlling my environment. I became selfish and took back the remote to my life. As a result, I ruthlessly ditched all negative, scavenger, and stagnant acquaintances. Cleaned shop.

My next move was to usher in a crop of like-minded individuals. Doing so has been most refreshing….*licks lips* something like a cold glass of red Kool-aid on a hot summer day in Willacoochie, GA made with 5 cups of suga….

In the age of real time information sources, such as Twitter, it’s easier than ever to…*hmmm, how shall I say this best*…see who’s really walking that walk & who needs to simply shut the hell up. I don’t lie. Check their streams, those who are about something are either M.I.A or tweet their craft.

Now now now, don’t misunderstand what I say. This musing is only aimed at those who swear they are about something…are arrogant…or are hell bent at making you think they are more significant than they truly are. I’m juss sayin…

To them I say: Stop being a Business Poser

Not only do you look dumb, but it’s insulting (and annoying) to those, such as myself, who live-breathe-N-eat this ‘ish. Usually we can spot you pretty easily (one of these things is not like the other), but occasionally one or two may slip thru the cracks. It results in an unforseen bottleneck in the system and typically ends in a tongue thrashing by yours truly. STAY OUT MAH DAMN WAY, please.

You are no more about business than a 5 yr old is about running a household. Keep it up & I’ll be forced to purchase a playschool office supply play set for ya unruly ass. #fact