It’s 5:45 AM. Officially 8 hours past what I would have liked my  bedtime to be. *Shurgs* whatever. I’m GRINDIN’ BABY!!! It’s official, I am in grind mode. I have one more final standing between me and putting this semester in the bag. It’s time to set myself up to have the most productive winter break that I can. Check my goals:

  • Finish editing & publish that guidebook to college you all have been waiting for
  • Establish a strong storefront for Noteworthy Jewels by Jaz & establish steady sales
  • Hit the ground running with my clients

First Step: I NEED A NEW LOGO!!!….well….needed.

I waisted money on the logo I’ve been using (huge blow to the pockets, important business lesson learned) and it’s just not me. After getting a few quotes, I either hated the designs or didn’t have the cash. It’s a recession & the health care system is in shambles!

One of my mentors instructed me to do everything myself for at least the first two years of being in business. In this instance, that’s what I was determined to do. Promise I’m not cheap. Now that I think about it, in trying to avoid being labeled as cheap I’ve spent money on services (mostly from graphic designers) that were simply not worth it.

It is now 5:57 AM and my computer is pissed that I’ve kept it awake this long. In the interest of not throwing it out the window, I’ll finish this up….