These touch screen phones are great and all….but the battery life sucks! I’ve been with T-mobile since 2000 (back when they were Voicestream), and have picked up on damn near every troubleshooting/exchange procedure they have. A few friends of mine have been asking how to get a FREE extra battery for their cell phones so I decided to go ahead and post the script I use to my blog so all of my beloved readers can be in the know!

The most important parts to hit are:

  • You’ve done everything to Troubleshoot it
  • You power cycle it  (allow the battery to die then charge it)
  • You charge it while turned off
  • It takes an ungodly amount of time for the battery to go up 1%
  • The phone is not getting used during the time it’s drain

It’s also EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to keep the conversation friendly & lighthearted. Don’t be a know it all who calls demanding a new battery. Instead be a “good” customer who follows instructions and is merely giving info to diagnose the problem. When it comes time to propose a new battery, pretend you and the agent are a TEAM both trying to solve a problem. Mention the new battery as perhaps a solution that may work…..ask them if it would work that way they are still the expert.

Say something like this:

    “I have a [insert phone name] and I haven’t had much luck with the battery life. I know the battery is supposed to last {insert whatever their website says the talk time is for the battery}, but mine is only lasting {cut about 3-4 hours off of that time}. I went into a store and have been power cycling it like they told me to. I wait until it fully drains then charge it overnight while it’s turned off. I’m a student/I work so the phone is usually on standby during the day, but the battery still drains really really fast. What’s funny is, when I charge it turned off, it takes about 10 minutes or so to even get 1%. Is there anything you can do for me? Do I have a bad battery?”

    Good Luck!