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Success is a strange thing. Everyone strives for it (in some form or another), yet when they obtain it, the world ridicules them for claiming it. So i guess we’re only allowed to claim things we don’t have. I can hear my mom & granny in my ear now, “You’ve got to claim your healing!!!”

I laugh.

Making Kansas City’s “A-List: 30 Under 30” opened my eyes to a lot. I’m not scared of success. I’ve never claimed it, instead I work for it. When I obtain it I’m not bashful about it…..And that my dear, is what pisses people off. One arrogant asshole said it was a turn off. To him and any other fuck’wad that has a problem with it, you can kindly kiss my ass.

CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS!!! I mean it. Last night I ended up barefoot and dancing on a white leather couch in Mint Ultra Lounge. One glass of chardonnay. Five glasses of water. Sweat pouring off my body. Hair and makeup still flawless. I lived in my moment. I celebrated my hard work (NOT THE RECOGNITION).

Last night I took the time to pause and truly gave myself a pat on the back for staying on my grind, keeping my blinders on so as not to loose focus, and allowing myself to see the invisible & reach for the impossible. The stuff I was “honored” for were merely byproducts of the bigger goal I’m pushing for.

Did seeing me dance on a couch while rocking a mini dress with fishnets, ruffle bloomers, and a fabulous waist belt annoy some people……HELL YES

Do I care…..HELL NO

I was doing me. Truth is, I’ve always done me. Throughout high school the “in-crowd” teased me….(well they teased everyone who was different, it’s how they got their kicks & legitimized themselves as cool). Now when I see them they are still complete assholes.

Last night was like a scene from Freddie vs. Jason where Freddie Kruger gets pulled into the real world a.k.a Jason’s world & gets his ass handed to him. I was Jason. They were Freddie.

The majority of the “A-Listers” are eccentric, strange, weird, creative, and artsy individuals. We were the ones who were teased in high school, yet we were the ones being recognized for extraordinary accomplishments throughout the year. We were the ones cameras snapped photos of. We were the ones on stage and in the seated areas. We were the ones whose names were being shouted out throughout the night (individually and in mass). This was our night. This was our party.

Last night was sooooo much better than that feeling guests on Maury get after getting plastic surgery, dressing up like a stripper, and bringing those who teased them, back in the day, onto the show in hopes they’ll cower at their feet. A handful of those jerks from high school were there. They were still assholes, but I finally realized how insignificant they truly are. One monkey don’t stop no show. I will continue to strive and obtain success. They will never kiss my ass, and it doesn’t matter because I respect them more because they don’t.

To all of you who are paving your own paths to success, I commend you. Keep doing you. Acknowledge your success. Never claim success, only achieve it, for you can only claim something you’ve either lost or won. Success falls into neither category. Run your own race, with your blinders on. Don’t look to the right or the left because only you alone know where you’re going. You are the only person who sees the invisible dream others have said is impossible to achieve. Protect your energy & happiness with your life. Steer clear of energy drainers & scavengers (people who plan on riding your coattails to the top). Plug in to a network of positivity and love.

Embrace your “weirdo factor.” The successful ARE weird. If they weren’t, everyone would be a Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or Oprah.

Embrace your success. Be a Kanye or Diddy. Your success is your leverage. Pat your dayum self on the back. Remember, no one has ever said Kanye is wrong for the things he says….just how/when he says them. And although Diddy is considered by most to be an asshole….no one can deny their respect for him as a businessman.

I consider these to be “A Weirdo’s Secret to Success”