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Greetings. My name is Jasmine Danielle Taylor The First…yes, The First

(put it in the category with “A Pimp Named Slick Back, yes you must say the A Pimp Named part).

I am a Martian from Saturn.

Marvin, I’m confused too, but what the hell….

I come bearing gifts:

I know my posts get a little wacky at times, but I’m sure many of you are thinking this one may possibly take the cake. Stick with me. I’ll work it out for both you and my dude Marvin. Have you ever felt that you are just out there? It’s more than just being the kid that doesn’t fit in. Deeper than feeling like Rick James in Wisconsin. Crazier than an ant carrying an elephant. I just feel different….

//even if I get like E.T. and phone home, shit still won’t be right.//


I feel like I see things in ways other people don’t see. We both see the same things go down, hear the same tales, feel many of the same emotions, but I process the information differently. It almost feels like I have on an old school virtual reality helmet, and I’m in the game…but not really. I’m cognizant of everything around me. I react to my environment. However, I am not an authentic part of my environment. I live behind a screen. At the end of the day, I go back to The Writing Lab, take off my helmet and live in my own reality–true reality–for me at least.

Despite what planet I hail from it sucks having to seek out others like me.

….but there are others like me.

Unfortunately, we don’t have advanced extraterrestrial sonar that allows us to locate each other easily. I find that my kind tend to migrate to ATL where weirdos are artsy and alternative lifestyles are regarded as nothing more than living life how you want to. We aren’t trend setters. We just refuse to be trend followers. We eat brains sprinkled with new ways of thinking, ideas, and other thought provoking bullshit.

//..how do you find us..\\

-{how do you become one of us}-

You never do and you never will.

We will annoy you. We will argue with you. We will avoid you….

You will not understand us. You will not be understanding of us. You have not been understanding of us…that’s why we avoid you

Martians from Saturn are born not created. We develop but cannot be developed. We already are what we is, ya dig? Our way of life is far from secret, yet not accepted. People recognize us, but don’t quite know how to take us. We are completely open yet keep our thoughts surprisingly secret. This blog, located in cyberspace, serves as a window for you to see inside of me. I laugh. I post pictures, videos, and text. I open myself wide for the world to see…..yet you still don’t get me.