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I remember the first time I heard “Stan” by Eminem. It changed my life. The dark yet comedic melodies seemed to play to my emotions, and stoked the fire that was my teenaged first heartbreak rage. My boyfriend called and I was perfectly calm. He heard “Stan” in the background, and 9 years later….He still labels me as crazy as hell. A decade later: he’s married (with a baby on the way), and managed to leave at least two scorned females in his path….But dammit it wasn’t THREE! I like to think that had something to do with his engrained belief that if he crossed me, it wasn’t gonna be pretty.

Although I’ve thought about it: I’ve never been the Jazmine Sullivan type. Busting windows, slashed tires, hot dog water on the windshield, vaseline on the windshield wipers, bologna on the top on a scorching day that results in the “Dalmatian” effect…..that just aint me. Takes to much uncontrolled emotion that could result in a multitude of fatal errors. I feel that it is much better to stay level headed and calmly plan your options.

….And that my dear is what boosts a raging lunatic to the status of FUCKIN’ NUTS

Anyone who can laugh through their anger or smile through their pain has reached a seemingly unattainable grasp of their emotions, and is therefore labeled emotionless. —I still don’t agree. People vibe to music because there’s something in their they can identify to. If we lived in a world of raging lunatics vs. people who are FUCKIN’ NUTS, artists like Eminem wouldn’t sell any records.

It is my belief that everyone has a tiny bit of FUCKIN’ NUTS in them…..


“OJ Simpson Song” or “I Love You But…” by HAZIQ

You laughed didn’t you? That means your FUCKIN’ NUTS too.

I rest my case….