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I was browsing the related links YouTube populated for my “I Am Miss Black America” posting. I ran across this very enlightening video about FOX. I’ve always heard things about the network being blatantly ignorant in regards to race, and even saw a few covert things that I shook off thinking: “There’s no way in hell a news station in 2009 could really do/say this.”

As I begin to brainstorm Black History Month events/programming for our Black Student Union located at a Jesuit University, I am quickly coming to the realization that White America is clueless. It is not that they don’t have the ability to know, it’s that they don’t care to know.

What infuriates Black Americans most is the sheer indignant nature in which many (not all) White Americans display when they are presented with information clearly showing that there has been racial wrong doing.  This is the 2009 version of the attitude that allowed seamen aboard the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade ships to get a peaceful night’s sleep as thousands of Africans suffered below the decks. It is that same attitude that made it common practice to count Black Americans as property along with the livestock. Lastly, the attitude is what allowed slave owners to truly feel that it was possible to do right by God by being a “good” slave owner. I wonder if Jeffery Dahmer could have escaped jail time by professing that he is a “good, God-fearing” serial killer. I’m just sayin…

I’m sure this post will turn some people off. To them I say:

Presenting…..FOX Attacks: Black America