I am strong within the awareness of my apparent physical state of being.
Yet, I cower as I approach the normal realm of fear-of-self.
I brace myself for an emotional quake.
I am intrepid.
I fear the unknown. I am the unknown. I live the unknown.

For my strength can only be found and rejuvenated by drinking from the waters of my soul.
I have been empowered.
In my weakness I am the great healer.
I view me as an inherent part of me.

[I accept myself ]=[I celebrate myself]
I choose to embrace myself in whole despite all shortcomings, pitfalls, and developmentally stagnated qualities.

I have found that fear-of-self is nothing more than love-for-self in its purest form.
To fear is to: awe.respect.esteem.
I am in constant wonderment of me.
I am an emotional being.