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I know I’ve been kinda falling off on these past weeks. I’m back on my college grind and OMG is it hectic. I forgot how darn easy, yet tedious, college is. Professors assign full chapter readings like the textbooks mirror the old “Hooked on Phonics” readers: See Spot Run. Spot Runs Fast. Run Spot Run. Let me stop complaining, I’m OVERJOYED to be back in school. Damn it feels good! I’ve truly missed the mental stimulation of it all

(Note: Not all universities are mentally stimulating. Luckily I go to Rockhurst University & study in the Helzberg…yes the diamonds….School of Management so my professors are paid big bucks to stimulate my mind).

Each semester I always end up with a class that I truly fall in love with. The lucky victim for Fall of 2009 is my Leadership & Organizational Behavior course. The last time I was enrolled (back in 2007), this course was taught by a nutty genius of a woman. In all of her geniusocity, she was a scattered mess. I loved her, but everyone else hated her because she confused the crap out of them. She was hellbent on teaching us that we will have to work on teams in the workplace & she wanted us to understand and embrace conflict…..I think? I thought it was revolutionary and kinda neat that my professor loved me simply because I was the “Angry Black woman who spoke her mind & didn’t fear blowing the whistle.” What I didn’t realize was, I wasn’t learning a damn thing.

The second go round, the class is being taught by a different professor. Now I understand that this course is supposed to make us aware of and will give us critical thinking tools needed to investigate human behavior and how it translates into the workplace. This way we can become better leaders. In essence, it’s a psychology course.

This week we’re studying Behaviors & Moods. Why do we do what we do?

Our oh so very progressive professor loves having us watch videos of short lectures given by the foremost thinkers of our time. These are the people who….well….think thoughts that no one has ever thought about int a subject everyone has had thoughts about. Confusing right? I know. I wrote it like that on purpose lol. I’m just saying, the “thinkers” referenced on these videos (www.ted.com) are looking at things in a completely different light. It’s simply fascinating to have your world expanded in such a way that you literally feel a new door open in your mind to explore a path of thought you’ve never walked on before.

The video I’ve posted features a guy by the name of Tony Robbins. People think he’s a motivational speaker, but he’s not. He simply asks the question: Why do we do what we do? He doesn’t exactly answer the question for you as you are not him and you are not me and you are not she….you are you. He does, however, present questions to ask yourself (or investigate in others). He ultimately asks, What’s your driving force?

Fascinating right?

[6 Human Needs]

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Significance
  4. Connectional Love
  5. Growth
  6. Contributions Beyond Ourselves

Which one is your driving force? Mine is definitely significance. I had to be extremely honest with myself, because I actually picked the one about contributions. It is true that community service and outreach projects are very dear to my heart. I pray that my book (when it finally is complete) drives my contribution, but I realized that the truth is: I want to be a significant contributor. Please don’t that confuse that as contributing to receive fame. Mother Taresa was a significant contributor. Princess Diana was a significant contributor. Michael Jackson was a significant contributor. Most philanthropists are significant contributor.

My driving need is to be significant.

The map I’m using to get there is by (one day) becoming a motivational speaker…a published author…a successful business owner.

My belief system is that I will gain my need by “letting my little light shine.” I strongly believe that if I do what I feel I am supposed to….I walk along the path I feel God is leading me on….I will ultimately fulfill my need.

My dominant emotion is happy. Although I initially seem pissed, I will adjust my thought process to locate a rainbow in a pile of sewage.

I hope this insightful post (haven’t posted up something truly deep in a while) will hold you over until my schedule lightens up. Back to the books!