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Note: My bad, I meant to publish this post last friday….So these are really my random musings of last week

I’m not much for twitter (GASP!!!)…sorry, just can’t get addicted to it. Trust me, I’ve tried. But today was one of those days where any twitter followers would clearly be laughing at my daily adventures. Unfortunately, I’m a Facebook addict (sorry Twitter Followers) so I was forced to Randomly Muse about my nutty observants by constantly changing my status messages.

I figured this day was worth randomly blogging about so here goes:

Random Musing #1:

1So this was my first observation of the day. I passed Home Depot on my way to pick up an Rx at Costco, and saw this rather large grouping of Mexican (or “Hispanic”) workers just standing around. They strategically placed themselves far enough from the building as to not get the police called on them for loitering, but close enough to the entrance as to inform you that they’ll be waiting when you come out.

My thoughts automatically wandered onto a scene in the Showtime TV show “Weeds” where the accountant pot head (forgot his name) stood on the side of a Home Depot with illegal Mexican workers. When a truck came by saying they needed 3 workers, there was a mad dash of fighting and pushing, resulting in bloody noses and his wallet being stolen.

And this is how it became a “Random Musing” (not because I’m a racist!)….

Random Musing #2


For some reason or another, I decided to ride down the ‘spect (Prospect Ave.) to reach my next destination. There’s something about a Peach Vess that makes “Summer N The Hood” official. It’s the best!!

As I pulled into Inner City Oil (hood gas station/convenience store), I couldn’t help but reminisce on the time I went into a Walmart in Overland Park, KS (DEEP SUBURBIA!!!) to pick up some drinks for a potluck at work. I searched high. I searched low. I searched far. I searched wide. I walked isle after isle looking for Vess. At the time of the great hunt, I was on the phone with my first love (now incarcerated) and it took him to bring me back to reality……I was at Walmart NOT a corner store & I was in Overland Park, KS.

Gosh it feels great to enjoy treats of inner city Kansas City…..

Random Music #3


This particular random musing is a follow up to a previous status update. It seems that when you live & travel freely around a city, you forget its various charming characteristics. I am guilty of the same. Being without a car has desensitized me to the bumper sticker worthy, business names of inner city Kansas City companies. All those from Kansas City know that all you have to do is ride down Prospect or Troost. Here are a few names:

  1. De Best Laundromat
  2. Pinky’s Cleaners & BBQ
  3. Ridin’ Dirty Car Wash
  4. Not NU Auto Sales
  5. Hop N2 A Hooptie (car sales)
  6. 3 Fish & 5 Loaves (restaurant named after Biblical scripture)

Random Music #4


Let me begin by reiterating that I love my hair. It feels great to have long, natural, and versatile hair. All the time people (who don’t know much about dreadlocks) always ask me if my hair is real. Out of curiosity, some even ask to touch it. This incident at CVS was hilarious, because out of all the people who have wondered if it was real, and out of all the people who have asked to touch it…..this guy was simply off the chain! (in a good way)

I was in CVS getting some supplies to nurse my elbow (joint pain due to fibromyalgia). I passed a man and his family in the isle. His family went past me, but he stopped. He asked me if my hair was real. I laughed and told him it was. He asked me again. I told him again. He gave it a once over & asked if he could touch it. I told him sure and stood really still (like I always do) for him. He tugged on the bottom of my hair, and exclaimed, “IT IS REAL!!” He also made sure to announce to his family that the hair on my hair was really attached to my scalp.

I thought the ordeal was over, but nooo. That wasn’t enough for this guy. He asked, “So those go back to our roots right?” I told him it did. He asked, “Men really like those don’t they?” I told him men 28+ really dig women with natural hair. Before leaving he had to ask (in disbelief) one last time….”So that’s all yours?” I smiled and said yes.

Random Moment # 5

5For those who don’t know, Kansas City is a tad off the chain when it comes to homicides. Crime peaks each summer, but this year crime has been off the chain. Last week, a man was gun downed on the street while holding his two kids. Mysteriously there were no witnesses.

A few days ago, a man stood on his front porch and noticed two groups of guys where about to start shooting. He got his girlfriend and two kids in the house, but wasn’t able to save himself. He was killed in the crossfire. Of course the police, news, and random bystanders immediately grouped at the scene. While the LIVE news and Police were there, these random people were telling people “Not to Snitch.” What the hell?!

The news resembled an outlandish episode of the Boondocks

White Newscaster: “I’ve been getting reports that individuals are telling witnesses not to snitch?” (clearly the white woman had never said the word snitch & was confused by it’s meaning)

Black Reporter: “That is correct Katie. Witnesses have in fact been informed not to snitch, or in other words, not to provide information about what they have seen.”

Now here’s where it got even more pitiful….

Black Reporter: “Kansas City, if you have any information I URGE you to come forward. THIS-IS-AN-INNOCENT-VICTIM…I repeat….AN-INNOCENT-VICTIM…this man was not at the wrong place at the wrong time, he was on the porch of his house with his family. He is an –INNOCENT-VICTIM.

The last crazy incident was me almost being caught up in a high speed chase.

I was on my way to a volunteer event when I noticed a souped up Chrysler 3000 wrecked in the most awkward of ways. I figured two cars wrecked, but was further confused when I didn’t see another car. Two unmarked police cars were at the scene, and a crowd of bystanders. Traffic had slowed to a crawl. Suddenly a police officer with a bullet proof vest took of running down the street and through a backyard…..AHA!!!…..These were the remnants of the end of a high speed chase.

High speeds aren’t uncommon, but what’s uncommon is a high speed chase happening in the early evening hours….during bright daylight…..in the middle of the week!! This city is a shame…

Random Moment #6


This status update refers to the new movie, Ponyo. I don’t care what anyone says. This is a rip off of the little mermaid. Point Blank. I protest. Period. The end.