I’ve watched as countless friends (who also happen to be D-Boys) get this timeless tattoo. I’m starting to believe that you can’t truly be considered street until you’ve acquired the classic “Laugh Now, Cry Later” tattoo (we can’t forget about a random something in Old English). I believe this symbol is so meaningful to those in the streets because it represents their lives. Either they know they are going to pay for their jolly later or they are currently feeling sorrow for their previous actions.

This is the first time I’ve ever really yearned to see this image burned deep within my skin. It represents life. For every joyous time, there is a time of sorrow. I guess life is determined to be balanced like that. It sucks.

After a while I can’t help but feel cautious during times of celebration. In the pit of my stomach, there’s this growing knowledge that I will get knocked on my ass, and that gut punch will hit me at least equally to the greatness of my last success. In time it feels that my optimism will only appear in times of lowliness in just a large enough dose to keep me afloat. In times of jubilation, there is a tinge of pessimism in knowing that the celebration will not last.

Today a friend of mine stated that it seemed that everything was happening so fast (good things). I replied, “That’s how it feels when stuff starts paying off.”

Maybe I should have replied that success is painless while you feel every painful jar when kicked down the stairs. Once at the bottom, you look up at the top and wonder, “Now how in the hell am I gonna get myself back up there?” In the end, that final thought is what separates a fighter from the suicidal. It’s the willingness to continue. It’s perfectly normal to say “OW!!!” after a fall, but climbing back up is key.

All I want to know is why must a swift kick to the back of the kneecaps hurt so bad…