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This is one of those “My mama said….” posts. She always raised an eyebrow when I said a guy was just a friend. I really never understood why (still fully don’t). I would always return her strange look with a look of equal or greater level of strangivity.

I really and truly didn’t get it.

So I admit, I may be a tad (or very) naïve, but I want to know why I can’t have a male in my camp who is #1- Straight & #2-Only a friend. In writing this, I’m not disagreeing with momz. I’ll be first to admit that my male friend numbers are quickly dwindling due to the fact that they look at me in a different light….further proving mommy’s crooked look.

The facts are simple: Two adults of opposite genders cannot simply be friends unless one of the following conditions are present: Business, Family or Homosexuality. It seems that if these factors aren’t present, at least one (if not both) party will catch feelings & will want to take things further.

Why are things that way? Why would we rather loose a solid friendship than just fall back & just be friends? I’m really & truly perplexed. Hmmm…