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I was randomly browsing google images (attempting to figure out what’s going on with Solange’s new look)…..one randomocity led to another and I stumbled upon this picture. I found it on a fashion blog that went through great lengths to bust out models jacking poses, designers stealing exact ideas from designs of decades past, and celebrities ending up in the same clothing at events. As for this picture…..

I’m not sure who jacked who (I didn’t bother to look at the dates), but the curvy lady rocked it best!!!!

The fashion & media industries can make an averaged sized woman (sizes 14+) feel crazy. Unless these women browse through Lane Bryant’s magazine, all they see is: “Skinny Bitch, Skinny Bitch, Skinny Bitch” I’m not going to get deep into this, but you know where this is headed….The destruction of teenaged girls, The frustration of real women, The end of the world for women as we know it!!

Ok ok ok….so I exaggerated a bit on that last one, but you get the point.

So rarely do we ever get to see a side by side comparison like this. Two women. Two covers. One pose.

I apologize for anyone who finds the following question offensive, but tell the truth….That “Skinny Bitch” is scrawny! Not only does she look like she is in dire need of a McDonald’s Third Pounder Angus Burger, but compared to sistah big bones, she also looks flat out empty….lifeless…unfulfilled. Now that you’re good n’ hungry, take a look at the other picture….

Ms. Thicky Thick’s face looks super content. She is naked and is totally in love with herself and her body (I think she even has a tattoo on her booty!). She is wearing happiness without a body shaper, spray tan, or flat ironed hair. Although she’s covering up a “cho-cha,”  I think she may also have some balls tucked up under there because it takes some pretty huge kahunas to stand in a studio butt booty naked with 10 flood lights focused on you.

“Love Yourself”