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WHAT: Jaz’s 23rd Birthday
WHERE: Wherever the hell I am at the moment
WHEN: August 17th

For some reason, I’m extraordinarily crunk about my upcoming birthday. I don’t care how old I am…to tell the truth (i thought I was already 23 HAHA!)….I’m just ready to start really living. I look at my Dre who beat cancer and suddenly became a world traveler. I look at elderly people with their “Kick The Bucket” lists. Most of all, I look at the last few years of my life which were spent merely existing like a plant on the ocean floor.

I find the mind to be an intriguing place of never-ending wonderment & curiosity.

Why do people wait until they feel death knocking to begin living? It’s like people need somebody to say “GO!” just to get off their asses and get involved in the world. Well I am one of these people. On August 17th, I will start living. Why not today you ask? Well, because I don’t feel like it. It feels much better to have a designated starting line so I can tell people “I truly began to live after {insert memorable event}” Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with a concept for time so I have to pick a date I won’t forget. I am choosing the day I pooped out of my mom’s twat butt booty naked like the lord made me with not a care in the world.

What I Have Planned For the Year

I’m not the most adventurous person in the world so I needed a little help in the area of figuring out how exactly to live. I was cleaning up and found a book I purchased a few years ago just for shits & giggles. It’s a 365-day instruction book for hilarious living. I figure if I follow it, I can’t go wrong. How could I with activities like:

Day 160: Today avoid all mirrors; Concentrate on your own inner beauty
Day 265: Today, make sure the police are acting within the law
Day 327: Sign up to go into space as a tourist

[click for purchasing details]

Some of the tasks are truly idiotic and down right dumb….possibly landing my Black behind in jail. As a result, I will do as many tasks as possible and will only exclude the ones that could possibly end my life instead of merely changing it. For your entertainment, I will blog about my findings and adventures. Stay tuned!

Designated Theme Song

Every birthday needs a good theme song to usher in the festivities. Mine has two. The first is the OFFICIAL theme song because it actually has a good meaning. It’s “Many Moons” by Janelle Monae. Her vibe as a person and as an artist is just crazy! Besides being a genuine artist, and cognizant of the world around her, she is comfortable in her own skin. In my opinion, that’s what living really is.

[Be sure to check her out on iTunes & YouTube]

The second song is of course the designated birthday song of the year, “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih. It has no deep meaning. Hell, I just found out the words were “Birthday Sex.” I like the song because of all the stuttering. It’s sexy. Who says a man with a stutter can’t make a hott song. Haha!! Please note: This is no indicator that I am on a search for “Birthday Sex” on my birthday. I just like all the stuttering. However, I would FINALLY like to be taken on a date where I don’t drive and I don’t pay. OMG that would be heavenly!!!