I can really empathize with this guy. He plugs one hole, but the water still finds another hole to leak from. It makes you think….what’s the use?? That’s how I feel sometimes. It seems that every time I get one hole in my life all plugged up, repaired, or mended, another area starts falling apart. I feel like an octopus. I’ve got three fingers plugging four holes….a hammer and nail trying to mend another…..and am attempting to provide a temporary solution to a serious issue by duct tapping it with my remaining hand. This is the sickest game of Twister I’ve ever played!

Life is just funny like that. As soon as you get all the pieces of your life together, everything falls apart all over again.

I have no complaints. Life is fun, and I love every minute of it. Every moment I breathe is a blessing. And although areas of my life crumble to pieces soon after being super glued together, once I get em put back…I know that this time I have to pull out my blow torch and weld that sucka tight!

It’s all in how you look at things.