On the verge of my 23rd birthday, it has come to my attention that this decade of my life has been dedicated to fixing the crap I’ve gone through in the previous two decades. Upon closer examination, I have also concluded that this will happen approximately every 20 years….Twenty years of livin’, Ten years of fixin’.

During this decade I figure I’ll get around to working through such topics as:




  • Learning to live with fibromyalgia
  • Healing from being a victim of alcoholism
  • Becoming a fully independent adult

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I can’t do it alone. It takes a lot of work to undo twenty years of doing. We all need the support of family, friends, and even a few strangers to lend a helping hand.  

Learning about myself has been one of the most enlightening and fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. For once, I’m not hellbent on pleasing others. I’m putting my needs first without feeling guilty. I love Jaz and I love living life. The only drawback is, my art suffers.

My deepest apologies to those who love my angry and feisty spirit. What can I say? I have the MJB syndrome. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again….the music was so much better when drugs were involved. Well congrats to Mrs. Mary J. & congrats to me!