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For the first time, I’m at a complete loss of words for how I’m feeling. There’s not one word I’ve found that sums it up. I’m overwhelmed with emotion, but don’t know what type. I have decided to graduate from Rockhurst University. Wow. That’s the hardest sentence I’ve ever had to write. I can hardly even bring myself to say it. Anyone who knows my journey, knows my story, and knows my heart, understands the enormous weight it carries.

I fought three long, hard, emotional years for my full tuition scholarship to Clark Atlanta University. They wronged me. Because of their negligence, I went through hell. I feel robbed of a life I’ll never get back. I finally found true lifelong friends. Clark Atlanta University robbed me of precious time. I hate what they did to me. It’s not okay. I’m not the only student they have treated like crap over the years. We bust our asses and we give them bragging rights. We stress over who is gonna cosign for our next student loan or how in the hell we’re gonna pay them back 6 months after graduation. They ignore us.

They somehow feel it’s okay to not return our phone calls, cop an attitude when we try to straighten out our financial aid, and blissfully fuck up our schedules or not enroll us at all. Yet still we sing, “Oh Hail Clark Atlanta!” W.E.B DuBois would be flipping over in his grave if he knew what was going on. 

I fought that system for three long hard years, and still didn’t win.

Yes, it’s true they renewed my $17,000/yr Tuition Scholarship. Somehow they still managed to screw me over. I only completed 3 semesters at CAU….Only 4 semesters were reinstated. On April 2nd I took a trip to Atlanta and personally saw to it that all my affairs were in order. I don’t understand why it’s almost July and my transfer credits still haven’t been evaluated…I have not been enrolled in classes…I do not even have a financial aid package. Really?..I mean really?! What’s really good CAU???

These past three years have taught me that a school does not make me who I am. It doesn’t determine my life. Jasmine Danielle Taylor was enrolled at Clark Atlanta University just as I was enrolled at Rockhurst University, University of Missouri Kansas City, and Devry University Online. I am not my school. 

While I feel Clark fucked me. It was just as good for me as it was for them. I squeezed Clark for every life lesson I could. Right now I’m makin it do what it do baby! I learned about networking, mentorships, community service, and entrepreneurship.  Those professors cared more about me than the majority of my own family members. I received self pride and confidence. I learned about my past, therefor allowing me to respect my future. Come to think of it, outside of my humanities class, I can’t really remember gaining any actually book knowledge that I didn’t already have. 

It’s time to move on. I’m not quitting. I’m not giving up. I’m not sad. I’m not hopeful. I’m not fighting. I’m not loosing. I’m simply moving and growing.