I never thought I’d be here. Six hours ago, I didn’t know I’d be up at 4am blogging. Twelve months ago, I never would have imagined that I’d be back in the house I love so much pissing excellence without a craving for anything toxic to my health. Five years ago,  I figured that I’d be a Clark Atlanta University graduate currently living in Atlanta. 

Truth is, I’m barely halfway finished with college. I most likely will not be graduating from good ol CAU, and I’m perfectly happy with my life. I think I finally became content with myself and began to live instead of existing, when I let go of the control I thought I had. Once I finally realized that I have absolutely no idea what the blueprint for my life is….nor will I ever see the plans….that’s when everything started working out for me.

It took me almost 23 years to start figuring out how God works. He’s like a master architect. There is definitely a plan for my life and God has the blueprints. I had to finally realize that they weren’t meant for me to see….frankly I don’t want to see what he’s building in regards to me. You must follow God with blind faith. If you listen closely, God will give you the instructions for your life….one at a time. There are times when you’ll step back and look at what you’ve built so far and think you know what it is. The moment you think you have things figured out, God switches it up and you are left scratching your head. Just give it up….

Let Go and Let God.

It took a while, but I finally understand that shirt. It means that you truly let go and you allow God to lead you by peace to make life choices. You may not understand why things are happening, or expect things to happen, but God has his hands on every single aspect of your life. Two months ago, I celebrated the victory of getting my scholarship back. Now, I’m strongly considering passing it up for a prestigious local university. If you’ve been following my story…that notion seems crazier than a bowlegged moose, but it’s were God is leaving my heart.

I trust him, he has the blueprints not me.