I am not a slave to money. 

My health, my sanity, my safety. All things I’ve risked chasing a dollar. The power an intangible object holds is amazing. The things people will do to chase a buck is perplexing. What’s equally curious is that fact that many individuals will turn flips for even the slightest promise of cash.  People are so scared they will miss out on something, they are willing to do anything. The mere promise of financial freedom causes people to plunge even further into slavery.

I almost fell victim to the rat race. Chasing money I’ll never see….but  caught it.

Through my journey, I’ve learned (and believe) that God is my sufficiency. The minute you start making moves out of fear is the moment you begin to enslave yourself. The only way to truly feel free s to trust God and have faith that he will supply. Cut off energy sucking ties and trust God to replace them with energy giving ties.