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I woke up this morning angry. It feels like that is starting to be a more common thing for me now. I get annoyed throughout the day, fight it, then it surfaces in the morning & leaves me feeling like a raging bitch. It may possibly just be a case of PMS, but right now all I can think about is why I’m annoyed. It seems that most of my annoyance stems from business transactions, dealings, or associations. No one, and I mean no one, makes moves as I do. 

My business is my passion. This is also my bread and butter….so I work like it. I make business moves. I work hard. My work ethic is to be envied. I picked up my mom’s East Coast pitbull attitude that has a zero tolerance for bullshit. It’s to the point, edgy, and she does not hold back from cutting you off mid-sentence if you are going off topic or rambling (she just did it to me this morning!). I’m hungry.

I hate the feeling of moving at warp speed and then having to slow down to wait for others. It frustrates me because it feels like they are lagging behind. I was born in the midwest to an East Coast mother & a Southern father who drags his feet but once he starts on a project…it’s finished at warp speed. My work ethic embodies the East Coast spirit. 

So right now I’m annoyed. 

The only solution in sight is to expand my business and pick up more clients. When one client is dragging their feet a bit, I will still have three more that are ready to go. I use this philosophy with men and it’s time to enact it in business. 

I have work to do!