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I just got home. A tow truck dropped me off. I was stranded. Stranded on an off ramp on the highway. Just me, my trusty “piece of crap” 2002 Dodge Intrepid, a friend I just made up with, and a busted hose spraying radiator fluid inside of my engine and behind my front lights. Something just isn’t right. 

A so-called friend just charged me $300.00 to fix my radiator and any leaks associated with it. A week after my radiator was replaced, I was charged $1600 by AAMCO to rebuild by blown transmission and busted T-Rod. Two weeks later, I am stranded on the highway. 

The so-called friend did not do what he was paid to do and did not take responsibility for it when he was called. Another so-called friend ignored my phone calls when I tried to get help. I didn’t even bother calling anyone else. 

It’s funny how everyone expects me to be there for them. They just know they can call me and I’ll be there or I’ll inconvenience myself to find a way to help. I am always there. Somehow when I need assistance with anything, no one is there….and if they are, their help isn’t free. It has strings attached or a monetary fee. 

Well, I’m done.

Everyone besides: LaTonya Jones/Brown, Wanda Porter/Taylor, David Bazzle, Elaine-Termurial-Randall Richardson, and Stephanie Tellis are cut the hell off.

The rules are simple:

  1. If I haven’t done it for Tonya, I’m not doing it for you.
  2. If your name is not found on this list, I’m not doing it for you.
  3. Unless you are paying me a price I have determined or I have accepted, I’m not doing it for you.

There are no gray areas to my rules. I do not care if we come from the same bloodline. I don’t care if you feel your name should be listed and it’s not. I don’t care if you’ll “Get me back later.” I-DO-NOT-CARE! I’m tired of being unappreciated, used, or just flat out scammed. I’m tired of going the extra mile for those who aren’t even willing to budge an inch. I’m tired of being tired about this same issue.

Interesting how my car is usually involved when this issue arises. I remember crying my eyes out in the fall of 2005 because no one was willing to help me drive my car to Atlanta from Kansas City….even with me paying their airfare and for all expenses. My boyfriend at the time talked his homeboy into making the drive. I was so pissed I turned down the offer. I felt and still feel it shouldn’t take all of that to get someone to help me out. Then there was the time everyone wanted to drive my car or wanted me to run them somewhere. I made less than $4,000 that entire year. Funny how no one ever wanted to give me the proper amount of gas money comparable to their trip, or decided to run extra errands when my tank was on full. Consequently I left my car on E.

I find it equally troubling that a certain someone has never given me a cent for gas in 2 years, has no problem asking me to run him (or his family) somewhere, and will use my car for other people….feels I owe him something. If you call me “sis” but nickel and dime me every time I turn around then I’m not your sis and you aren’t my bro. Hell, you aren’t even fit to be called an associate. 

These so-called friends have never told me “Oh