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My someday came and it couldn’t have come sooner.
I’m looking back on the Dark Ages and thinking….
(Damn….I made it)
My someday is now
And I’m realizing my tomorrow is today 
And my yesterday is my future
Every struggle
Every tear
Every fear I felt and wondered when my spaceship would come to carry me away from all this bullshit
Well my spaceship came and I landed on Jupiter

Now I’m like damn.
I’m stuck.
I’m living in my someday as I take in my then and focus on my now
My someday was yesterday
Everything I wished for, I have.
Every prayer came to past
I’m humbled at the mere thought of it all
Where I was
Where I went
I lost myself but never forgot myself
I am who I was
But it’s not who I am…It merely defines me.

It’s the knowledge I gained.
The lessons I learned
[i’m taking those with me]
In the metamorphosis I was determined to fly 
I eventually spread my wings and became flyy
It was short lived.
I was on my way up at the same time I was falling down
My grand opening was my grand closing
That was my time.
….I thought
I was so focused on flying I didn’t think about crashing
Now I know what it feels to crash and burn leaving a crater in the Eart
I’ve flown.
I’ve crashed.
I’ve died.
I’ve ben reborn.
I arose from the ashes like a phoenix.
Now my passion burns hotter than ever

My soul is like fire
I am beautiful like glass
Fragile yet strong 
Cuz glass comes from pebbles and eventually turns to dust
Fire moles the particles
Together they bond
in the heat.
in the flame.
Fire is what makes me
My trial by fire is what makes me strong.
I am transparant
I want the world to see my struggle
It is through my pain that the world can see my growth
I feel no shame
For it takes a wound to relieve healing and a pitfall to appreciate a blessing
There is no victory without loss or sun without rain
I am pain. 
The moment I stopped fighting was the moment I took my first breath
It was the moment I decided that my battle had already been won.
The battle was not mine
I was at war with myself and the devil gave me ammunition
I was given all the tools to kill myself
All the resources to take others down with me
I played Russian Roulette with my life
each roll of the dice…
pull of the trigger…
Upped ante was me seeking a way out.
I was stuck.

I created a jail for myself
I built the walls and hired prison guards
I was in darkness because I turned out the light
So here I am.
Living my someday
Yesterday I was caged
Today I am free
My someday no longer exists cuz that’s some “Over the Rainbow” type shit.
no beginning.
no end.
It just is.
And I’m happy just being.
I no longer need tangiable tools to survive
God has my back
I received all i needed during my journey to my now
My soul has bled all that it can bleed
I have everything I need.
This is not the end to the book, it is only a closing to a chapter.
The main character has been developed
The plot still undertermined
I am not the writer
It is time to enter the renaissance
These are the chronicles….
Welcome to the rebirth of Jaz
[Excerpt has been taken from the final poem of the second act of my life. The first act, entitled “The Metamorphosis” includes pieces I wrote while coming of age in my teenage years. The second act, entitled “The Dark Ages” includes pieces I wrote while searching to find myself. Poetry from hence foreword will be included in the third act, entitled “The Renaissance or Rebirth”]