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Kanye….I feel you boo! Back when College Dropout hit the streets “Spaceship” riled me up into a frenzy until I convinced myself that it was in my best interest to quit my job. It paid off big. My spaceship came in the form of a full tuition scholarship to Clark Atlanta University. Back in high school I was mainly diggin’ the song because I felt what he was saying. I didn’t understand how a spaceship fit in, but who gives a damn.

Now I’m feeling every bit of that song. My Christianity was to scary to allow me to complain about my 60HR/week occupation. Who cares if sitting for 10+ hours a day was aggravating my back even further during a flare up. Who gives a damn how I’m affected by the gasps of Elderly Americans when you tell them no insurance coverage remains. Who cares that people disappeared quickly and quietly like the mafia and everything was hush hush like the CIA.

Who gives a damn! My spaceship came in the form of unemployment. 

Who knew that God would send me so much work that each week I know I have a paycheck coming from at least one client. He’s amazing. I’m in bliss. Pure bliss for being able to do whatever the hell I want during the day as long as I’m doing money making alternatives. I think my spaceship has finally landed on Jupiter.