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I’m sooo Zora Neale

ATL is my Harlem and I am her child
I am free and creative
I am feisty and exuberant
Cuz ATL is my Harlem and I am her child

I have a meeting with Langston at Apache’ Cafe
Hope he aint late // nigga better keep the date
Then I gotta jet set to Eatonville
….do some research
….get some grants
….please the white folks
Produce that cultural flavorful literary they love so much.

They eat my shit up.

Back to ATL
I think I’ll go to the Royal Peacock
Get me a drink

Feel the fire in my soul
It wells up til I burst

The riddim of the reggae moves me
….i Dance
….i Groove
….i Sway
Let myself be free

I am a sexual being.

ATL is my Harlem and I am her child, she keeps my age secret
….maybe i’m old
….maybe i’m young
I’m just blessed to be here


I make no excuses
If you don’t like it – Fuck You.

So what if I make you blush
….my writing says what you were to scared to
….my characters do what you always wanted to

I’m not bound by social intricacies or graces

Instead, I choose to grace you with my presence
and demand you explain why socializing should be so intricate

I’ll do me
and you do you
Accept me as I m
and, well….
I’ll accept you either way

Cuz I’m sooo Zora

ATL is my Harlem and I am her child.